Activities in 2015

July and August are exciting times for us as INETDIN launches! In order to raise initial awareness we are planning some press releases in international nursing and information science media, and some specific presentations at international conferences. These are:

Dr Linda Goodfellow et al: International Network for Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Nursing: A Global Initiative. International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing (INDEN) Biennial Conference, Puerto Rico, 22-23rd July 2015

Professor Gavin Leslie et al: Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD): The changing face of doctoral research dissemination. The International Academy of Nursing Editors Annual Conference, Las Vegas, 3-5th August 2015

Dr Colin Macduff et al: Rivers, reservoirs, springs and stasis: reflections on ten years of engagement with ETDs in one subject discipline. ETD 2015 Conference. New Delhi, India November 4-6th 2015

During autumn 2015 we also hope to contribute editorials to key journals, highlighting the new network. Please feel very free to disseminate this website link and join us in developing this new community!

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