Aim and Objectives


To build an innovative global community of users and developers of Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Nursing.

INETDIN Objectives

  • To raise awareness of nursing’s diverse repositories of open access electronic theses and dissertations, advocating for these internationally
  • To act as a conduit to relevant Institutional Repositories, national portals and international portals housing these resources
  • To build a formative, foundational international network of doctoral supervisors and students sharing knowledge and usage of ETDs within and across particular cognate areas
  • To foster relevant skills and knowledge more widely among nurses in clinical practice and academia to enable increased access and use of ETDs
  • To foster innovative formatting and content of nursing theses and dissertations, realising the explanatory benefits of relevant electronic media
  • To undertake relevant national and international research in order to build nursing’s knowledge base in this area
  • To raise awareness of the activities of our member institutions and key partner organisations

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